I don't know where to file a complaint but here. terrible customer service. THE worst


    I called nearly ten times to transfer my number to a new account within a month, but nobody seems to care. No one gives a dam...


    Fortunately, I have those agents names, so I'm here to complain

    1. Hanna Zabala

    2. Christian Redora

    3. Her ID: 3013809


    Agent 1 lied about successfully releasing my line from the previous account, which she didn't.

    Agent 2 ordered me a new sim card with the new account,  without letting me know it is with a new number (which I dont need at all). He just did it anyway so I assume he can call it a day.

    Agent 3 was not helpful at all, but asked me to re-do everything I have already done in the past month!???


    Thanks to them, I have the old line and the new line co-exist and paying two bills... Yes, nobody gives a dam about that

    Everything is so messed up. Nobody seems to know what they are doing. Very disappointed at t-mobile.

    WHO CAN HELP ME? OR should I discourage my friend to stay with tmobile?

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