I CANT use my phone number anymore, and i'm OUT OF THE COUNTRY.




    On November 9th, i transferred my plan from a 50$ to a 40$ limited-time offer. Which resulted in a switch from my older account to a newer that was created in Nov 9th. My phone number got transferred too which was great. However, on Dec 9th, when my plan got deactivated for no payment, i tried to log into the account.t-mobile.com to pay my bill, and suddenly i cant log into my account anymore. The problem is that i was already abroad, i traveled to Saudi Arabia to spend the winter time with my family and i cannot get any signal on my sim-card! I'm stuck and i don't know if I'm going to lose my phone # or not. it's been my # for FOUR YEARS now. This is unacceptable and i need to reach someone who can find me a solution.


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