Adding second prepaid line to My T-Mobile account


    Is there a way of adding a second prepaid account under My T-Mobile, once logged in? I tried to add it as a new account, but it correctly stated the e-mail address was already in use (in use with the first account).


    Thank you.

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      • edwardp

        Re: Adding second prepaid line to My T-Mobile account

        Figured it out:


        • Log into My T-Mobile
        • Select Profile
        • Select the Edit link next to Customer Information
        • On T-Mobile ID, select the Edit link next to Phone Numbers. Add the second T-Mobile number and follow the directions.
        • edwardp

          After doing the above, I was unable to access either account through My T-Mobile.


          A T-Mobile representative called me back after an online chat and was told that only one prepaid number can be attached to My T-Mobile at a time, it doesn't allow for multiple numbers. The rep. was able to delete it from the original profile and am able to access it separately. After the second number was deleted, I was able to access the original account again.