So i have a question. I have an Iphone 8+ but the back of the phone is all cracked besides the camera lense. I wanted to know if i am still able to trade for a new one or would i have to purchase a new phone ?

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      • stevetjr

        Re: Trade

        Some phones can be traded even if damaged but the value will be significantly less.  You can go thru the upgrade process while logged into your MyT-Mobile account and get to the trade part before finalizing and it will tell you the trade value and it asks about damage.  If you don't like the number you can bail on the transaction as you haven't completed it yet.

        • magentatechie

          Re: Trade

          Are you referring to one of the current promos such as the 2018 December Device On Us ? In order to perform the trade in, your device does have to be in Good (read: sellable) condition.  Do you have insurance?  If so, you can always file a claim, get a replacement, and use that to trade in towards a new phone with the promotion.