Why do I not see my trade-in?


    I ported over from AT&T to T-Mobile on 12/12 under the COSTCOAPPLE390 promotion where I had to trade-in my Google Pixel. Why do I not see the trade-in details on the T-Mobile website? I also added another line under the same promo with another Google Pixel traded in. Same case with the other line as well.


    The TradeIn page says, that the details may not be available if it was done in the last 48 hrs, however it has been a week today for one line and 5 days for the other.


    I have seen so many inconsistencies on the My Account website:


    1. Trade-In details not available. (Trade in was submitted by the COSTCO rep, I also have the applicable documents available with the correct IEMI).

    2. Incorrect IMEI for the 2 devices I have mapped to my account.

    3. Enrolled promotion details are not appearing.

    4. When I go to status for my rebate submission, nothing comes up. (Rebate was successfully submitted for both devices, I have the tracking no. Applicable snapshots for the device IMEI and the COSTCO bill were also attached to the submission).


    It's been just a week since I have joined the T-Mobile family and it has been disappointing. I have been provided assurances by the experts on the account messages, but not sure I can trust those messages till I can see something happening for myself.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Why do I not see my trade-in?

        We definitely want you to be able to take advantage of your promotions! We are going to need to take a closer look at your account to see the status of these trade-ins to see what is happening. Please call us when you have a moment so we can investigate.

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          • razzyk

            Re: Why do I not see my trade-in?

            I did call and text the T-Mobile customer care, they can see the tradeins in the system but have asked me to wait for promotions for 15 days, where as the website says 24 hrs after submission. In my position and backing up my original post, how am I expected to trust something I cannot see for myself. My questions are more pertaining to the details visible on the website while I wait for the trade ins and promotions to materialize.

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              • tmo_chris

                Re: Why do I not see my trade-in?

                I am very sorry for the confusion. If our folks over the phone can see your trade-ins that is definitely a good sign. We will make sure that you do indeed get the promotions you qualify for. Let's give it the 15 days just to be sure.