If t-mobile touts itself as the un-carrier, how do they justify the etf's?


    My family has 4 lines with t-mobile on the simple choice north america 6gb family match plan, 3 phones are leased to own, mind you we are going to end up paying full price for the phones as there was no discount on them, 2, galaxy 2016 j7's, & 1 stylo 3 plus, the rep we deal with continues to tell us we cannot get out of the plan early.

    Why can't we get out of our plan without early termination fees if there is supposedly no contracts? Can we  set up a payment plan to pay off phones if we decide to leave over this debacle? They also refuse to change the plan at all, we have 1 line with zero talk minutes & zero text messages & zero megabytes used for over a year yet we can't drop that line & just pay for the phone ? so many questions

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