T-Mobile new iphone 7 promo with new line


    I'm in the process of switching 6 lines from AT&T to T-Mobile.  Friday the T-Mobile folk and I worked it all  out:  I would trade in 2 iphone 7's for the $390 trade-in deal off the XR, and I would purchase 4 new iphone 7's on the $240 promotion on new iphone 7's.  After getting an iphone 7 traded in toward an XR, and transferring that line, I came in last night with my wife and kids to finish up.  At that point, the t-mobile folk realized that I might not be able to stack/combine the XR trade-in promo with the new iphone 7 promo.  They called the back office and verified this was true.  I called and spoke at length myself with customer support, and they assured me the promos could not be combined.


    Today I called customer support to discuss another option, and in explaining what had happened just to give some background, this guy assured me that I can indeed take advantage of the iphone 7 promo.  He insisted that the other guys must have mis-understood etc.  I insisted he write all this down in the case notes etc.  But still,  I have no real  proof, and I would have to "wait until the second bill" to verify that the promo is indeed valid!! That would be too late to cancel.


    Does ANYONE know the real answer?  Please, I'm seperate and have only a week two canel?

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