Only 1 promotion allowed per account while receiving bill credits on any line for three years??


    I added two lines with T-Mobile back on black Friday. I got 1 iPhone XR "free"(with trade in) via 36 monthly bill credits on one line. I brought another phone I already had on the second line.

    So I see the new Dec 17 promotion for the similar offer. Different promotion number. I try and do the deal and add a new line and I'm told I can't take advantage of it because I have bill credits on the other line. WTF. So I try T-Force on Twitter. They can't help. 1 device per account. So every three years I can add a new line and get a discount, but not anything less then that?

    Has any one been successful I having more than one phone with credits on their account? I can't believe you cannot get a promo with a new line when you have gotten a bill credit with a current line. Even Verizon and T-Mobile are not this bad.

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