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    I have been unable togin to either of my two t-mobile accounts since late September 2018.  When I login, I see my two t-mobile numbers, but when I attempt to login to either number, I received the dreaded message saying something like "we are having temporary problems, please try again a few minutes later."  But even a FEW MONTHS LATER gives no results.  When I call support, they tell me "We are having tempiorary problems but it is being fixed.  Try again in 48 hours."  But no 48 HOURS LATER it still is not possible to login.  When I demand a ticket number from the agent, they refuse to give me a ticket number.  Once an agent said she would send me an email recognizing our conversation.  But she did not send me an email.

    Another user is of the opinion that the problem is a result of two phones linked to one email, which is my case.  I asked the agent to unlike one of my phones from the email, but she was unable to accomplish this and gave me the 48 HOURS LATER message.

    Three months is a long time to wait for proper service.

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        Re: Cannot login

        Similar other than I know I can log in and it takes me to selecting one of my 2 pre-paid service #'s setup for same email acct / login.  After choosing one, I'm taken to the "plan" page but it never displays the "plan" page stating:

        We are currently having trouble with your request. Please wait a few minutes and try again.

        yeah, tried multiple times over the last couple months now...I've used chat and called directly (see below) to support and they state the same that the error is known and they are working on the fix - should be resolved in 48 hrs or so....or, they are working on it and try back tomorrow...again, this all started a couple months ago and was fine before that.  Btw, when I click on the T**mobile icon upper left and go to the "home" page, I get these other errors:


           "Something's not right.  


        Sorry, due to extremely high demand, this page is not available for the moment. While we hurry to catch up, dial 611 from your T-Mobile phone.

          Call now! 1-844-834-7053"


        and to the far right :

        "Primary account hold missing Online services are currently limited because no primary account holder has been designated for your account"

        I'll put up with it for now as you can still pay via the phone but I certainly have one foot out the door to another carrier because of this!!

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          Re: Cannot login

          Hey there!


          I've seen this issue posted on our Support Community a few times. Can you try following these steps:


          1 - Login to "". You will then be at "".
          2 - Select which account to manage. The "We are currently having trouble with your request. Please wait a few minutes and try again." message shows.
          3 - Go to "" ie """
          4 - The account you selected to manage in step 2 will magically appear.


          So new method - save from above YOUR phone address link as text somewhere, login to My-TMobile, then paste YOUR phone address link text into browser address bar and go see your account


          Please let me know if that does the trick!

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