Sim info swap question.


    Hi. My name is Gilbert.


    My HTC Sensation received some slight water damage and stopped working properly. It comes on for a few seconds and then shuts off. I ordered an LG Q7+ and received it a couple days ago. I decided to go through the steps of installing the Sim Card but soon discovered that the slot can only hold a micro sim. This is located on the side of the phone within a compartment. I want to keep the same phone number and contacts. The LG Q7+ comes with a label that states the device can not be opened from the back. Attempting to do so will cause safety issues. So I was wondering if it's possible to go to a T-mobile store or a Metro PCS store and have them transfer the data from the old sim card to the new one. If so how much would they charge? I spoke to a t-mobile rep through chat and he stated more than once I wouldn't be charge at all.


    The T-mobile store in me area is : 1911 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11226


    The Metro PCS store in my area is: 4204 Avenue D, Brooklyn, NY 11203


    Thank you for your time.

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