Apple Watch on T-Mobile installment plan. Can you activate it on another network?




    I received a free Apple Watch as part of T-Mobile's Cyber Monday sale. The watch is "billed" in 24 installments, but a credit is applied for the same amount (e.g. the bill shows $24 charge, but a $24 credit is then applied). You need to have a line active to keep the credits.


    The watch I received was a color I didn't want, so I sold it. It was never opened nor activated. I understand that Apple Watches are not sim/carrier locked. I then purchased the color I wanted (from BB) and activated that.


    However, I was looking at my TMo account and the Watch was listed under the equipment installment plan. The IMEI was the original Apple Watch that I sold. So my question is, will that watch still be able to be activated on any carrier or will TMobile stop activation elsewhere until paid off?



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      • tmo_chris

        So this is an interesting one. The promotion required that you add a voice line and a MI line for the watch. If you cancel those lines, you are responsible for the remaining balance of the devices without the promotional credits.


        Since you still have the MI line in use with the new watch that you bought, you should still get the credits for the watch that you sold. There is no option to pay off the watch sooner than the 24 months so you will need to keep that MI line active for the full 24 months to receive full credit. As for using that watch with another carrier, everything I have seen online says that should not be a problem. Just know that your scenario is not the typical one.