Customer Support Misleading


    I used to have a T-Mobile Simple Choice plan which worked well for my needs for a while.I had gotten 2 free lines during a black Friday promotion a few years ago so I was happy with it. I did not want to make any changes so that I could be sure I would keep those two free lines.


    A few months ago I decided to start exploring what changes could be made. I liked the idea of the T-Mobile One plan so I inquired about it. I spoke with a customer service representative named Whitney on November 15th in the afternoon. I immediately brought up to her that I did not want to effect the free lines. I said that I did not really need as many lines as I had but since two of them were free I was happy with it. At the time I also had my Mothers line on my account. She had asked to be moved to her husbands account which was also T-Mobile. I asked if that could be transferred to his account without hurting the free lines and was told it would be fine because it was a change of responsibility to another T-Mobile account.


    We then spent time exploring ways to change to T-Mobile One without affecting the free lines. Ultimately, she asked her manager to approve moving me to a T-Mobile one account for all of my lines and allowing me to keep the two free. She said I would have to drop one of my other lines though to make it work so I agreed. She took several notes and set it all up. I confirmed with Whitney several times that this would not hurt the two free lines. She confirmed what my bill would be and that she would make sure it would work out fine. Since I had just started my billing cycle she said it would be best to wait for the changes for the next billing cycle which was nearly a month away.


    Throughout the month I received text messages indicating changes to my account. I decided to log in and look. Suddenly it said that I would be paying for the lines I was told would be free. I was transferred to a manager named Joan on November 29th. After she reviewed all of the notes she confirmed that Whitney had noted that these lines would be free and her manager had approved. She told me that they would have to go into my account on the next billing cycle and add the proper code to the lines to make them free as promised. She assured me that what I had been told was correct and not to worry.


    On December 11th, the last day of my billing cycle, I received a message from T-Mobile indicating that changes had been made. I logged in again to see that the lines were not free. I contacted T-Mobile and spoke with Beth. She reviewed all of the information and confirmed once again that what I had been told was correct and it was just processing through the system. She said she saw the correct codes on the two free lines. She sent me a text indicating what my bill would be after the promotional credits. Everything seemed good again.


    On December 13, I received a text message from T-Mobile indicating that one of the lines promotion was being removed. I called again and was now told that it was removed because it no longer qualified to be free since I made a change. I asked that they read the notes and confirm what I was told. They saw in the notes that I had been told more then once that it would be free so they escalated it to the business team. I spoke with another manager named Aljon who assured me he would work on it and let me know.


    I just received a call from Aljon tonight December 17. I was unable to answer so he left me a message saying that they are not able to make the line free and sorry for the trouble. I immediately called in again. I spoke with another customer rep (I dont have his name available). He said that since the promotion was removed they couldnt re-add it and it wouldnt work for this type of line because its not compatible. I asked that he review the notes. He agreed that I had been told by several customer support agents including managers/supervisors that it would work. He said it was their mistake but there is nothing they can do. I asked that he contact Whitney and her manager to try and work this out more. He said they were going to contact her now. He said that she was working for another hour and should hopefully call me back tonight before she leaves. He also said he would call me back within an hour to check on how things went. Neither of them have called and it has been 2.5 hours.


    Several times when I have called customer support on this issue I have been told I would receive a call back on only sometimes have i actually gotten one. Most of the time I never hear back.


    At this point I am being told that the promises that were made and clearly documented wont be upheld. I would not have made the changes that affected me in this way if it were not for those promises. I feel like I was manipulated. This seems to be very unethical. I can understand making mistakes and I can even appreciate that this was a mistake on the part of T-Mobiles agents and managers. Still, when I make a mistake I am expected to be held to account for it. I am expected to fix it. Why is that not the case here? Why am I being told sorry we told you something that wasnt true and it hurt you but we arent going to help you? Why is T-Mobiles mistake being held against me?