Very frustrated with number porting a landline from TWC/Spectrum to T-Mobile Pre-paid


    Please help me with a number porting that T-Mobile has not been able to complete even though I've called them over 5x in about 12 days, including two phone calls where both T-Mobile Pre-Paid number porting team and Spectrum customer service were on the call together with me.




    1. Got a T-Mobile prepaid SIM and activated it on a iPhone

    2. Registered a T-Mobile online account using that information

    3. Submitted a number porting request using the online tool:

         - Provided the Spectrum account number which had the format of 202-XXXXXXXXX-001 (202-<nine digit number>-001)

         - Provided the four digit account PIN that appeared on my Spectrum billing statement

         - Provided the phone number of the landline currently being provided by Spectrum/TWC


    4. Called a few days later since no text messages were received on my T-Mobile prepaid account

              - The temporary number was assigned by the in-store salesman when I purchased the pre-paid SIM

              - Was transferred to the number porting team for Pre-paid accounts where I was told that the account number was incorrect

              - I then asked the T-Mobile rep to hold while I conferenced in Spectrum customer service

                   - Spectrum agent said that the account number is only the middle nine-digit number and there isn't a need to provide the "202" and the "001"

              - T-Mobile rep said that the modified the account number and submitted the request

              - The PIN was still the same four digit PIN from the Spectrum statement


    5.  Again, after no contact from anyone after 3 days, called again

              - T-Mobile again said that the account number is incorrect

              - I requested that they verify the account number and T-Mobile confirmed it was just the 9-digit number

              - Again conferenced in Spectrum, who confirmed the 9-digit number

              - T-Mobile agent said that the request would be updated


    6.  Again, after 3 days, nothing from anyone. Called again - porting request failed due to invalid account number.

              - This time called Spectrum without T-Mobile and asked if they could see anything in their system where a number porting request came in

              - Spectrum said that they couldn't see any evidence of a porting request

              - Spectrum asked if T-Mobile provided a reason code for the failure - to which I said no, that the only info I was provided was that the account number is wrong.


    7.  I am at my wit's end - T-Mobile please help!

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