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Pre paid to post paid conversion


    I'm a pre paid customer and I want to switch to post paid. I called customer service and told them I validated that I'm eligible for Tmobile advantage program and I would like to switch to post paid and get the discount applied (15%)  that I'm eligible. The transfer me to post paid rep and they seem clueless and sent me the Tmobile advantage link and told me I can do it online. Well I cant that why I called!

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: Pre paid to post paid conversion

        Hey, gerushx!


        I'm sorry we're just now replying after a few days. Did you already get this sorted out? I'm truly sorry that we are giving you the runaround when honestly this is a pretty simple task to complete. Do you receive a 15% discount due to being employed through the government or do you have a different employer? Usually we'll have you switch to a postpaid account and once that is established, we'll have you go to the Advantage link to activate your discount. If your account still hasn't been transferred over, please let me know what type of plan you're currently on. There are two different processes whether you have a Legacy Prepaid account or a Prepaid 2.0 account.