Horrible Buyer's Remorse


    I purchased new Iphone XS and now calling to switch to Iphone XS Max within 2 weeks (buyer's remorse time frame which is 30 days) as we are not happy with XS and need a bigger size phone. T-Mobile is saying I can return my phone and buy the new phone by paying the difference which I am okay willing to do BUT THE KEY ISSUE  T-Mobile will consider this as a separate transaction and I will not get my promotion. I bought this under the promotion of $750 in credits over 24 months when i buy new XS or XS Max, however i do not get the promotion. My question as I am just exchanging to a different product why can't the promotion still stay on my account - Buyer's Remorse you can return, exchange to a product to your satisfaction. why can't they honor it. It is like a slap on your face that yes we will let you do your buyers remorse but it will just cost you $750 extra. Seriously my daughter is with AT&T and they just exchanged her to XS Max and gave her credit of the promo amount on her account right away without all this pain and here I am calling T-mobile while on phone getting transferred to 3 different people with no resolution. HORRIBLE SERVICE - NO consideration of being a loyal customer for long time

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        Hey magenta7095541


        Thanks for taking the time to post to our community. I am very sorry but what you have been told is accurate information. Just like the buyers remorse period, our promotions also have a set time frame as well as specific qualifications that must be met. If the promotion is no longer available or you no longer meet the requirements of the promotion, returning your phone and ordering a different one will not make you eligible for the promotion.