Billing and phone insurance problems.


    I need help with this because I feel like I'm getting the run around. I have a Galaxy 7 and on Saturday while charging, my screen flickered green and black and was very hot. Since then, I can't see anything because the screen is black. I can only answer phone calls and hear conversations without a problem. I went to the t-mobile store to only be surprised that insurance on all my phones have been removed. On top of that, I am still paying for an i-Phone that was to be removed off my account April of last year. The i-Phone was to be transferred over to my son's account when he opened his own T-mobile account. So in other words, they removed my insurance off my three phones but left the i-Phone on my bill having me to pay for 4 phones instead of three. Of course, it's also my fault because I never look at my bill I just pay it. This situation is leaving me frustrated and ready to leave T-mobile all together. The reps in both the store and call center are no help.