T-Mobile lie to me and laugh off


    T-Mobile is completely messed up. They lie about their promotion, messed up my name, my plan, my lines, and monthly charges. They would not do anything to fix their errors. @TMobile @TMobileHelp @TMobileIR @TMobileBusiness @TMobiledeals @JohnLegere @StaneffMatt @drakenic @jvkap


    When I switched in March, the promotion was $35 per line. I have 4 lines. So that’s $140. I also got the iPhone 8 BOGO offer and got 2 of them. I paid full equipment charges ($29.17x2) and get back $700. That’s settled. My monthly total should be $35x4+$29.17x2=$198.34


    But they did a lot of hacks on my bill without my knowledge or consent, it was changed such that the plan became 3 lines + 1 free line. I figured I wouldn’t care if I’m paying the amount I was promised.


    At the switch, the person said all 4 lines would qualify for the $10 kickback discount if used <2GB data each month. That’s great because I know 3 of my lines always use <2GB. I made sure to read their fine print to find out that kickback is not eligible for the free line.


    So I made sure during activation to make sure the free line is the one that doesn’t qualify. Keep in mind that the promotion I signed up for is $35 for 4 lines, not 3 lines + 1 free line. They changed the underlying terms without my consent or knowledge.


    Since 1 line consistently goes over 2GB, as long as it’s the free line, everything should be fine. That should be -$30 each month. $198.34-$60=$168.34.


    But they messed up and put the line without the lowest data usage as the free line as a way to rip me off $10 per month. I’m only getting kickback of $20 instead of $30.


    I used their online chat 3 times and called their phone support 2 times. Everything time they said it would be fixed. It was never fixed. Two times I was promised a callback. No one ever called. Nothing is done to the bill to this date. I’m overpaying $10 every single month.


    What’s even more ridiculously is this. During the last phone call, they admit their mistake but would not fix it. The person said this: “Even though we made the mistake and broke our promise to you, you’re still getting the best deal. Live with it.”


    When I asked about canceling my plan, the person said “Awesome!” T-Mobile, is this how you treat your customers <9 months after a switch? You want to argue about $10/month and risk losing a customer for life?

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: T-Mobile lie to me and laugh off

        Wow, it sounds like you were left in the dark while changes were being made to your account. That's definitely not the way things should be happening around here. I'm truly sorry this has been a hassle for you when all you wanted was to get your billing straightened out. That $10 a month starts adding up pretty fast not to mention the principle that's being overlooked. From what you've shared, there are clearly opportunities for us to handle the situation better.


        Are you already working with T-Force via Twitter on this? I only ask because of the way your post is laid out and the executives you tagged in the beginning. It's important we get this properly handled and not just brush off what happened.

        • mfernandez311

          Re: T-Mobile lie to me and laugh off

          Wow I thought I was the only one going through this issue! I’ve been a loyal customer for t-mobile for over 10yrs and I’m going through the exact same thing! Very similar situation way too much to re-explain. I am soo tired of t-mobile and there lies and poor customer service instead of helping and listening they dont even care about there customers who have been nothing but loyal to there company. They steal from there customers and I cant wait to remove myself from this horrible company soon.