No service with T-mobile but still T-mobile locked my phone. **ILLEGAL**


    I got a new iPhone from Walmart on 11/25/2018 and got it activated with Verizon with the full prize of the phone being paid i.e. $1250 approx. But then I come to know that somehow T-mobile has locked my phone. Went to Apple Store, called 1800-MY-APPLE, went to T-mobile store and also called T-mobile customer service but no one is helping me. BUT everyone knows that it is locked by T-mobile. T-mobile says that can't unlock the phone because I don't have an account with them. Then my question is that why did you guys LOCK MY PHONE. $1250 paid upfront for a phone and then getting it locked by a carrier which I don't even use.


    Kindly help me out with this situation. I can share my IMEI number if you guys want to know that.


    Yours unsatisfied (not a) customer,

    Vishal Tiwari

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