no voicemail access via T-Mobile customer/web-portal


    The Internet-connected voicemail server (named "" ) behind T-Mobile's customer/web-portal (My T-Mobile) disappeared last week and has yet to reappear. Both URLs for the server on the My T-Mobile account-management pages remain unchanged/updated

    ( )

    and thus a "page not found" (HTTP 404) error results when attempting to check/manage voicemail via T-Mobile's customer/web-portal.


    T-Mobile has to date provided no estimate for a return to service, and - adding insult to injury - T-Mobile is continuing to deduct minutes from its "Pay as you Go" customers when those customers use their T-Mobile cell-service to check/manage voicemail while waiting for T-Mobile to fix access to voicemail via T-Mobile's customer/web-portal.


    T-Mobile is thus profiting from its own error at the expense of its "Pay as you Go" customers.

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