2 months trying to Unlock MY Phone - Problems


    I have made numerous calls and spent hours trying to get my phone unlocked. One T-Mobile call center worker said I needed to put $20 on the account but still no unlock. The last 'technical' T-Mobile worker said I had to wait 10 business days for the request to work even though I had applied a month before. Still after 10 days I can't unlock my phone.  I have the code to unlock the phone.  However the app does not let me get far enough to put in the code.  I also didn't get the email explaning the unlocking proceedure. i am now in Australia without access to my phone. PLEASE UNLOCK MY PHONE.


    Ian Baker


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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: 2 months trying to Unlock MY Phone - Problems

        Wow, that's strange. The unlock process shouldn't be tough like this. We do need to make sure you meet all the requirements on our Unlock your mobile wireless device page. Did they mention what the $20 was for? What device are you using?

        • tmo_amanda

          Re: 2 months trying to Unlock MY Phone - Problems

          Hey, lgphone!


          MC asked some good questions in his response. Do you meet the qualifications when looking at the link above? What happens when you try to use the unlock app? Do you get a specific error message? Please get back to us so we can help you have a working phone.

          • lgphone

            Re: 2 months trying to Unlock MY Phone - Problems

            I have been replying via reply to the email but it doesn't seem to get into this feed.

            I was told that I needed to have credit in my account and when I paid $20 this would fulfil the requirement. I have been given the unlock code twice by different TMobile staff.

            The error message is as follows:


            Unlock Failed: This device is not eligible for unlock. For device unlock eligibility details, please go online or contact Customer Care.


            I am now in Australia and would like to use the phone here.  I applied and made numerous phone calls while the device was in an eligible state while I was in the USA and again from Australia while my account was active.


            Please help unlock my device.


            Thank you

            Ian Baker