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    I've been trying to enable HD video over LTE with no success; the page simply tells me the line is not eligible, despite being on One PLUS. I chatted with a rep who had a tech assist them which led to me being asked for a callback as they had to create a service ticket and escalate it. I explained to the call back rep that I needed to speak to tech support, he transferred me to a girl who, bless her, was really wanting to help but not understanding my issue. She seemed to be misunderstanding me and thought I was having an issue with my data plan as a whole and performed a network refresh. I followed along on the off-chance that it fixed the problem. When it didn't, I asked her to check specifically to see if my account had HD playback enabled at all. After checking she informed me that I "can stream HD video because you are on our One PLUS plan." After realizing that the issue wasn't going to be fixed in this call, I thanked her for her help and now I'm here.


    Is there any simple solution or workaround to this?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: One PLUS Plan - Can't Enable HD Video

        Are you going to to enable the HD option? I'm curious if the option just isn't there when you go to the Media Settings Profile tab. The reason I ask is because if that's the issue, we have team's working on resolving that right now. As of right now, we don't have a workaround for that issue.

        • tmo_amanda

          Re: One PLUS Plan - Can't Enable HD Video

          Hey, daedalus_!


          Did you try following the steps that MC posted above? Keep us posted if you're seeing something different.

          • 1gknight

            Re: One PLUS Plan - Can't Enable HD Video

            Having the same issue. Have One Plus on one of my lines and I cannot stream HD, just keeps buffering, and cannot find a 'Media Setting' to enable it on my profile.


            I can, however, bypass T-Mobiles packet shaping and watch a video in HD on my phone with the One Plus and the lines without One Plus by running a VPN. I don't tether often, but it is nice to have if I need it, but thinking of just running the VPN and dropping the extra $15/m for HD that doesn't work.

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              • daedalus_

                Re: One PLUS Plan - Can't Enable HD Video

                It’s a shame for sure. From Googling around, people were having this issue last year as well with the workaround being a call to a rep or tech who enabled it in the back-end. Just strange that it doesn’t work out of the box when the device is on the necessary plan. At least running a VPN is an option.