One PLUS Plan - Can't Enable HD Video




    I've been trying to enable HD video over LTE with no success; the page simply tells me the line is not eligible, despite being on One PLUS. I chatted with a rep who had a tech assist them which led to me being asked for a callback as they had to create a service ticket and escalate it. I explained to the call back rep that I needed to speak to tech support, he transferred me to a girl who, bless her, was really wanting to help but not understanding my issue. She seemed to be misunderstanding me and thought I was having an issue with my data plan as a whole and performed a network refresh. I followed along on the off-chance that it fixed the problem. When it didn't, I asked her to check specifically to see if my account had HD playback enabled at all. After checking she informed me that I "can stream HD video because you are on our One PLUS plan." After realizing that the issue wasn't going to be fixed in this call, I thanked her for her help and now I'm here.


    Is there any simple solution or workaround to this?

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