Wireless Calling Help for Model LG VS986LD Series LG G4 V


    Does anyone know how to get wireless calling to work on Model LG VS986LD Series LG G4 V? The salespeople in the T-Mobele store in Paducah, KY said it would work but after driving the 50 miles home I soon discovered it does not. When I called the store back I found that they could care less and said they had cheap phones I could buy that would work. I specifically asked if my phone I bought from Verizon would be compatible with T-Mobile specifically for wireless calling because at my home I get little to no cell service before I made the decision to switch from Verizon.

    Sure! No problem. Sign up with us. I also financed a new phone with them so both my husband and I could have phones and would qualify for 55 and older plan.

    I was told the LGG4 (from Verizon) would work and they switched it over to T-Mobile in the store (I thought).

    There is nothing T-mobile about it. I get zero service (bars) and it will not connect to wireless calling so I can not call or text. This same phone did all of this with Verizon before.

    It even opens with the Verizon screen still. Anyway, I really can't afford another new phone  (cheap or not) nor can I afford to pay even more per month on a bill. I want the LG G4 to work with wireless calling using our wifi like I was assured it would. Any help out there, please? There is sure no help at T-Mobile. I regret switching from Verizon. It was limited data but I at least could send a text to my grandkids. I have no call or text capabilities at my home now.