T-Mobile Scammed me??


    This is so frustrating. So, I bought oneplus6T one month ago, hoping that they would keep the terms with it. However, for some reason, the phone I bought from them have been IMEI blocked, and I can't receive any service (no phone calls, or message.) I am still paying for the service.


    So, the deal that I sign up for was trading compatible phone to get $200 off from the original price of the phone(Oneplus 6T.) At first, I was happy with it because I only have to pay $11.64 each month for 24 months, Which I agreed with it. But ever since I changed the plan the phone service was cut. I then called the T-Mobile support and they told me that my phone IMEI number was blocked for some reason and they suggested me to go to the store where I bought the phone from. When I went to the store today they told me that I have to pay FULL PAYMENT of the phone which was ($584) more than the actual phone cost in order for the phone to be unblocked. I told the staff member working at that store that I received no warning or anything which would result in blocking the phone. They said they can't do anything about it unless I pay the full price. I can't even get my previous phone back.


    Right now, I am just trying to figure this out. I can't believe that I traded my phone for nothing. Someone, please try to help me out with this. ;(

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