Cyber Monday promotion issues


    I called Tmobile on Monday 11/26/18 to transfer from Sprint because they had what I thought was a great Cyber Monday deal. Free IphoneXR "ON US" as well as a Free SAMSUNG OR APPLE WATCH "ON US", if you brought over 2 lines and had an illegible device to trade in. I first called and spoke with a sale's rep to gather all details before making a decision and to make sure I understood everything correctly, I decided I would call back as I needed to confirm that my spouse's device was qualified. I confirmed that it was,  as it was a Iphone 6S plus. I called back to create the order, which took this agent an hour to complete, I kept asking him if everything was ok and he assured me it was that they were just having system issues, so he finally tells me i have to make a payment of 145.00 for the sim card and taxes. So i  gave him my cc info, which delayed the process even longer. He sent over e-docs for me to sign, which I did while speaking to him, he assured me I would get overnight delivery due to the long hold, A LIE!  Something didn't seem right after the call so I decided to call back and I spoke to an agent who assured me everything was in process and the order looked fine.


    I call the next because I had not received a tracking #, an agent tells me they dont have it but I need to contact UPS! WTH?? So i hang up and call back, another agent tells me the order is going to be shipped either that day 11/27/18 or Wednesday 11/28/18.  I receive my order Wednesday around 7 pm.


    Monday i mailed in my trade in.

    Tuesday i get a notification for a bill, that is 145.00. 120.00 for the 2 lines and 15.00 for not having autopay, then i notice another line has been added. A Digits line for the watch. which i was never told about on the call. plus 10.00 for that line.


    so i call them and an agent tells me there was no promotion on the day that my acct was activated for the phone just the watch!! I am transferred back and forth for over 2 hours!!!!!!!!! It is almost midnight and I get an agent on the line who promises to get things resolved and to call me back the next day at my desired time 330............GUESS WHAT! she DIDN'T!! So i call them and ask for a sup.

    So i explain to the agent/supervisor that I have document and emails where I signed up on 11/26/18. So how is it possible that you all are not honoring the promotion?!?!  Her(sup, Laurice) customer service was worse than any agent i encountered!! She tells me what i'm saying to her is completely different  from  how my order was set up!!! I'M LIVID!! She insists that she wants me to tell her what i want so she can fix it! But clearly does not have the capability to do anything and her tone definitely reflects her lack of knowledge and compassion as she reminds me of the buyer's remorse time frame!! i explain to her that i want the call pulled and the promotions honored! She mentions she will need time to research, i demand an acct manager, but oh, HE'S NOT AVAILABLE!! She tells me he(Courtney)  will call me back the today with a resolution after 1 pm!!! CAN YOU IMAGINE!!!!?!?! I AM SO UPSET!!


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