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    Why did my bill increase this month? I did not buy anything extra

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      • gramps28

        Re: Bill increase

        You would need to check your detailed bills to see what the charge was since Tmobile employees

        on this site don't have access to your account.


        The other option is to use the link below to contact Tmobile.


        Contact Us

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        • stevetjr

          Re: Bill increase

          When you go into your T-Mobile account right under amount do it will show you whether your bill went up or down and a reason why.  Now for example mine just went down and it listed equipment charges which was an EIP which was paid off last month but it does the same if it goes up.

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          • tmo_mike_c

            Re: Bill increase

            Hi there and my apologies your bills higher than usual. Our fellow Pillars posted some great info on how to look at it. If you compare it to last month, do you see the difference in the charges? As mentioned already, we can't see your bill here, but I'm sure we can help figure this out.