Moving Game Data from SD Card to Galaxy S9



    My mom recently upgraded to an S9 from an S4. She played A LOT of games on her S4 and saved her data to the SD card. She did not sync her data to a Facebook account or Google Games account - just saved everything to the SD Card. 

    T-Mobile mounted her old SD card in the new S9 but she doesn't know how to move all of her games (including all her progress) to the new phone.  Does anyone have any ideas? She's very upset and counting on me to fix it for her, long distance, of course. I thought of re-activating the old phone, creating her Facebook/Google Game accounts, syncing the data and then installing the games on her new phone, but if there is an easier way (ie. just moving it from the SD card to her new phone) that would be the best.

    Many thanks in advance!

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      • tmo_chris

        Oh my goodness! I am not actually sure how to do this, I didn't even know that there were games that allowed you to save progress to the SD card as most progression based games are server side to prevent hacking. You may want to check the specific games dev sites to see if there is a process for moving locally saved data.