Assurant return concern


    I have heard about this happening to a lot of people, unfortunately I saw all the stories *after* I filed a claim. I will soon have to mail my damaged phone back. I contacted T-Force and they said that I cannot turn it in in-store since the Protection<360> stuff all goes through Assurant. I am scared they will lose my returned phone and then bill me for it, as has happened to so many other people.

    Has anyone successfully done a return with Assurant? Any advice as to how I can protect myself - like getting a receipt and buying package insurance? I've also heard filming myself boxing the phone and sending the package is good, does that really help?
    And what can I do if/when they lose my phone?
    Also, has anyone actually had a *good* experience with Assurant or Jump? Literally all I am seeing is horror stories.

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