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    Hello, I discontinued my T-Mobile line of service a year and a half ago.I was told everything was paid off and I could close out my account. About eight months later I received a notification in my credit report saying I owed money to a collections agency that originated from t-mobile. During this time I was deployed and attempted to resolve issue over the phone but was unable to. I was told to contact the collection agency. I was never called or emailed that I owed anything to t-mobile, if I had I would have immediately payed it off, instead of having this on my credit report and dealing with a collection agency. Is there anyway I can still deal with T-mobile and have this taken off my report?

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      • snn555

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        I believe in this case you would have to deal directly with the collection agency and the credit bureaus. It sounds like T-Mobile sold off your debt to a collection agency. So T-Mobile might not have anything left to do with the situation now that they have sold it.

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