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    Is it possible to order a tablet from the app?  If so, how?  There are not listed under the "Shop" area and there is a bug on the website that does not let a registered user order one (but if you log out, you can).

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: Ordering a tablet

        Hey, magenta7031652!


        Let's see if we can get this figured out. I have a few questions for ya:


        • Do you have a prepaid or postpaid account?
        • If postpaid, do you have an existing mobile internet line on the account? If so, do you want to use the tablet under that phone number?
        • What type of table are you wanting to purchase?
        • magenta7031652

          Re: Ordering a tablet

          Sorry for the late reply, the weekend got in the way


          1) postpaid account

          2) have a current account (ONE Unlimited 55) with two lines .  No other internet line and would prefer to keep the tab on the same bill (if that is what you are asking)

          3) Tab S4,which is on special


          The bottom line (no pun intended), if you are logged into My T-Mobile and you are on the product page (Samsung Galaxy S4 Android Tablet | Reviews, Specs & Price | T-Mobile) the only option is to click "Add A Line" which takes you out of the shopping area and into contact T-Mobile (via "We're your Team of Experts" page).  Why can yo not just place the tablet in to the shopping cart and order it?  I can if I'm not logged into My T-Mobile.  Maybe the better question is why do I have to pay $20 more to order it on the phone (or in person) if I cannot order it on-line?

          • tmo_mike_c

            Re: Ordering a tablet

            I think working with our TEX folks is a good idea. Have you reached out to them to see if you could get more help?