McAfee Mobile Premium subscription


    Hi, I'm having difficulty with McAfee Mobile Security app. It came pre-installed on my Samsung Galaxy Note 9, but the app on my phone says I have the "Free" version (with some functionality disabled, like Block Calls) and tells me to go to the website to purchase the Premium subscription. When I go to the website ( and look at my Subscription Info, it says I have the "Full" subscription, and there's no expiration date. There's no option to buy or upgrade anything.


    Things I've tried:

    * Click "Update Subscription Info" in the app, below where it says I have the free version. It says subscription info was updated, but still says I have the free version.

    * Go to Settings > Apps > McAfee Security, clear cache, and attempt to clear data... which asks me to enter my McAfee PIN to "reset" the app. I did that, rebooted, and launched the app again. After logging in, it still says I have the free version.

    * Uninstall McAfee Security, reboot device, reinstall "McAfee Security for T-Mobile" from the Play Store. Launch app, log in, but still the same.


    I clicked the link on the page to contact McAfee support, and they told me they can't help me and I needed to contact T-Mobile. I contacted T-Mobile and they told me it sounds like I did everything correctly and my accounts says I have the Premium version, and that I needed to contact McAfee for support. Can anyone here provide some insight?

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