Just finished a Foresee Survey; It wasn't pretty!


    I decided to fill out a survey a few minutes ago. The site AND app are in complete shambles! Why is it some can access their account, and some can't. For several months I could use the app on my phone, and a month ago some idiot decided prepaid customers were shut off. It was a great app! The *233 short code had me on the phone for over 5 minutes, and I finally stopped the call. Does JL have any clue what is happening? What are the salaries of these so-called engineers? JL's getting the shaft. Very early in the morning will find me here trying to help mainly the prepaid customers since my account is a PAYG $3 a month. And I ain't going nowhere as there is NO other place to go. Thank you for your support! (Sorry, Bartles & James

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