Trying T-Mobile MONEY


    So I bought into the promises of the new T-Mobile MONEY service. 4% interest on cash is a pretty good deal, even if it is only for the first $3000. However, after nearly a week, I still haven't been able to put any money in my account. I tried to add an external account to MONEY but have yet to get any deposits to that account so that I can verify it. I tried to add the MONEY account to my credit union but they refused the account. I used the mobile app to scan a personal check from my credit union. That check cleared 2 days ago but MONEY is telling me they won't credit my account for ANOTHER WEEK!


    Needless to say, I am none too impressed with this service so far. Has anyone had any luck with MONEY?

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      • barcodeable

        Re: Trying T-Mobile MONEY


        i activated my account as well, but i have not made any deposits yet. I have read somewhere concerning the T-Mobile Money services... that you can deposit money into your account at a T-Mobile store. I don’t know if thats true or not, because i don’t believe everything i read. So the next time im at the T-Mobile store, i will ask. 




        i just clicked on TRANSFER MONEY USING ANOTHER BANK..... and my T-Mobile Money account (routing & account) is displayed. i will try to have my bank wire money to the account that was shown. i will try and send $20 first.... i believe thats the minimum you can send (ive read that somewhere to).

        • snn555

          Re: Trying T-Mobile MONEY

          I actually looked into the service just for the fun of it. After I figured out how the interest rates worked I deemed it a hassle to create an account for the minimal interest made giving my particular personal tax bracket and not only that no one I spoke to knew how T-Mobile money work at T-Mobile in fact I got three phone calls over the weekend from someone asking if I was still interested but those three people on those three phone calls could not explain how T-Mobile money worked.


          I'll stick to my usual Bank.