2 Fraud Charges


    So why does it take T-Mobile fraud department service so long to look into my account. I had my identity stolen and the person that stole my identity was able to get 2 phones in my account in a different state. I have call customer care and they keep telling me that the fraud department will call me in 3 days. it's been a week now and no calls from the fraud department. But i did get a call back from the customer care and told me that my ticket is open and the fraud department is still reviewing my account. COME ON T-MOBILE FRAUD DEPARTMENT!! what are you doing.. It's clearly on the receipt that the 2 purchase was from Georgia and i'm not from that state. nor have I ever step foot in that state. what more do you need...I'm freaking tried, why don't you go look at my pass purchase and compare the ID and you can see it's not me. WTF...I been a loyal customer for 12 YEARS and this is the treatment i get for being a LOYAL CUSTOMER... I guess i need to go to a different carrier, since your fraud department is taken they sweet little time getting this matter resolve.. Why don't you add more security for the in store purchase.. HOW ABOUT YOU ADD THE PIN CODE WITH THE ID FOR IN STORE PURCHASE.. maybe this won't happen.. Hell we have to answer your customer care 3 security question b4 we can talk to the customer care, DO THE SAME THING WITH THE IN STORE... Why don't you post a phone number to your fraud department T-MOBILE??????? I have talk to all my creditor and to the 3 credit bureau about my stolen identity and they have taken care of it already. SO WHY DOES IT TAKE YOU SO LONG TO LOOK INTO THIS MATTER. Could the community help me why it's taken them so long for the fraud department to get back to me. But when it's time to pay your monthly bill, they are on top of that.



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      • boxheadzombie

        Re: 2 Fraud Charges

        Dude I would inform you get a lawyer tmobile is a money hungry capital they dont care about you as long as you keep paying them

        • snn555

          Re: 2 Fraud Charges

          I agree that while two-factor authentication is a good thing it only works when store personnel enforce it. On my last in-store purchase the salesman did not ask for my ID to accompany my method of payment nor ask for the passcode that is on the account.  this was during a transaction where I did not make any changes to my service or plan but only purchased a new device.


          when I inquired as to why he did not ask for ID or passcode he stated that they only do that if credit has to be run to verify a down payment.


          I found this strange because obviously looking at my account one would see where there would be no down payment for this particular low-budget device however upon further inspection later my next bill revealed that I had been charged for the down payment.


          My previous purchases did not require any credit check beyond the check that was performed when I signed up for service years ago. all of this means that as long as you have the money they'll take the money but they're not concerned with who the money comes from.


          obviously it should be as easy as verifying that store personnel entered in a passcode or at least made a copy of some sort of identification to go along with payment. With this evidence it would be easy to reverse those charges and in fact those charges would never have occurred if the procedure have been followed.

          • tmo_amanda

            Re: 2 Fraud Charges

            Hello, gohan1727!


            Wow, I'm so sorry this happened to begin with. There are policies and procedures set in place to prevent this from happening but they clearly weren't followed. Have you received any updates on your fraud case? You most definitely should've received some sort of contact from us regarding your case by now. If no updates have been made to your account or noted within the three business day time frame, your case needs to be escalated.

              • gohan1727

                Re: 2 Fraud Charges

                I had to call the customer care and that's when they told me that the 2 fraud charges was drop from my account. Clearly they didn't call me to tell me, i had to call them again. But the account is good and i had them put extra security for a in store purchase to prevent this from happening again. Thanks for reading my comment.

                  • tmo_amanda

                    Re: 2 Fraud Charges

                    Gosh, I'm sorry you had to go out of your way to call us again. It shouldn't have happened that way. :/ However, I'm really happy to hear that the charges were removed and you now have extra security added to your account that will prevent this from happening again.


                    Thank you for the update! I hope you have a better weekend knowing this has been handled.