EIP balance not transfered to Military plan


    I've had tmobile for years, I have 3 lines on my plan, me, my husband and my father who lives in a different state and who is a veteran. As soon as I found out about the military discount, I had my father go into Tmobile where he lives and switch our plan over to the Military plan. I was on the phone with him the whole time and the deal was everything was going to be switched over, but everything would stay the same. Well my EIP balance for my phone was switched over but my husbands and my fathers were not, so I got a bill in the mail for $800. I've called Tmobile and done the instant message support. The person on the phone told me in order to get those other 2 EIP balances put back on the new plan, that both my father and I will need to be in a store (we live in 2 states). The second person i talked to on the instant message told me that those phones can not be added to the EIP balance because those are leased phones and will need to be returned to the store or paid in full. I never leased phones, i've been paying for the Jump program for years. So now I have to take my lunch break to go up to a Tmobile store to try yet again to get this resolved. These EIP balances should be able to be transfered to the new plan just like mine. I've been working on my credit for years and I refuse to have my credit smashed because someone didn't do their job.

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      • tmo_chris

        Hey magenta4515338


        I am so sorry for the confusion! Do you know if your husband and your father's phones were JUMP On Demand upgrades? If so, they are a "leased" device and cannot transfer the accounts like the standard EIP can.

          • magenta4515338

            No, I told the ladies in the instant messanger and on the phone that I had no idea that those were leased. When I went to the store, I told the lady that I want both the men's phones to be on the exact same stuff as mine, the Jump program. I didn't know that Jump and Jump on Demand were two different things, I assumed they were the same exact thing. I also told several people that when we switched to the military plan that not one person I spoke with brought this to my attention. While I was waiting on a phone call back from someone in the accounting department at Tmobile (or so I was told), I already got a collection notice in the mail for the amount on the phones, from a collection agency. So that told me right there that not one person was even trying to help me. I got the call back a day later and was told that the computer kept saying "error" when trying to add the EIP balances onto my plan. So now my credit that I have been working on FOR YEARS, that is so good right now, will now be tarnished because someone did not do their job and I do not have $800 laying around to pay this off. Very disappointed in Tmobile. I have had y'all for years and never really had much of an issue or made a big deal out of small issues. But this takes the cake. As soon as my EIP balance is paid off, I will be shopping for a new carrier.

          • tmo_mike_c

            Chris left some really good info. Can you take a look at his post and let us know if this is the same situation? Thank you.