eSIM of iPhone XR


    Hi! I wonder can I have pay as you go and mobile internet plan at the same time by using SIM and eSIM of iPhone XR. Thank you!

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: eSIM of iPhone XR

        Great question. Right now, T-Mobile is working on getting the eSIM functionality so at this time, it's tough to give you a suggestion on getting the setup you want.

        • krispykreme

          Re: eSIM of iPhone XR

          T-Mobile is now actively blocking and removing comments on esim for iPhone XS.


          They are not allowing esim use like the phone is intended.  Esim will only be used for 2nd line not the primary.  Means you can only use another T-Mobile line which is totally useless for traveler.


          thank you for screwing me out of $1600 and providing none useable internet in China where I get whopping 0.02 mbps.  Half of 56k dial up speed 30 years ago.


          how woderful this greedy company is