Horrible experience switching to TMOBILE


    Here is my story of switching from ATT to Tmobile military.


    Drawn by the Magenta Friday deals and the military exclusive plans, i visited a TMOBILE store where the representative went on to say i could trade in my Samsung S7 edge for an iphone. Since i was late arriving at the store, i was asked to come by whenever possible any other day.


    4 days later when i arrive, i am made to wait for an hour (which i usually do not complain about), signed me up eventually and my credit was run through to see if i qualify. All done, great! Now comes the twist after all this, i am told i cant trade in a SAMSUNG for an APPLE, which by itself sounds ridiculous! I am then offered to get the phones through installment plans and when i am utterly disappointed by the almost 1 weeks wait and then to be turned down, they also make it look like nothing happened and show me the door.


    I eventually figure out that the BOGO after the trade in works out to almost the same cost of buying 2 unlocked phones at a discounted rate. So despite all the bad experience, i decide to go ahead with TMOBILE bringing my own devices. I sign up for 5 lines over the phone on 11/26, charged $25 each for the SIM cards and told i would be getting a 2 day business day shipping. All this while i put my current carrier (ATT) on the anvil, paying a higher price after i opted out of the group plan i was in, hoping to receive my TMOBILE connection in 2 days.

    2 days go by with no notification, when i call the 3rd day i am told there was some glitch in the back end as i was charged a wrong amount. All was fixed and the shipping would happen the next day and that i would recieve my order on Saturday.

    I still do not receive any shipping notification until the friday and when i call Tmobile, i am told the same reason and i am given a $35 credit. Now i am told since no shipping happens on weekend, i could expect the order to be shipped by Tuesday of next week. It is 8 days of delay already.


    I then wait until Monday(12/3) and upon seeing no shipment notification, i am told the SAME issue which remains unfixed, no notes from my previous calls whatsoever. The shipment is now targeted for Friday, a full 11 days of delay over the promised 2 business day "deal".

    The good lady again offers the same $35 credit back to my account which i promptly refuse. This is really RIDICULOUS, almost to the point of me dropping the whole idea of moving to TMOBILE.


    If TMOBILE needs to up their game, they need to fix the internal systems before announcing immense expansion capabilities claiming to achieve the #1 spot. Really really disappointed!

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: Horrible experience switching to TMOBILE

        Ouch. I'm super bummed reading this, sunil_rao. You're right -- we clearly dropped the ball here (a few times). It should not take that long to get you SIM cards and I get that it puts you in a tough space when switching services. This isn't the norm and I still don't understand why you're still waiting for SIM cards 10 (what will be 12) days later. I appreciate you bringing this to our attention and sharing your experience with others. Please keep me updated on Friday and let me know if you receive the SIMs.