So today I contacted customer services.  It appeared I had my email attached to a postpaid account. I used the message a rep feature on the website. The rep needed to call me to resolve the issue. When the rep called me he was rude and unhelpfu. He then asked if he could transfer me to the right department. He then transferred me to a rude hold line That used vulgar songs and after a 25 minute hold  it cussed at me and hung up. I was then transferred 5 times to And from postpaid and prepaid with zero introduction or information given. TMobile May contact me but I will only speak to a member of corporate as I am done with the useless overseas customer suppor.

    I have used T-Mobile for years and never been treated so poorly.

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      • turtol42

        Re: Mistreated

        I know this will not get a reply due to the fact I’m pre paid.

        • tmo_chris

          Re: Mistreated

          Hey turtol42


          This is actually a community forum where users can converse with other users and does not function quite like a live chat with T-Mobile reps would. I am however very sorry that you had such a poor experience when you called us I know that spending your day on hold and being transferred multiple times is not how anyone wants to spend their valuable time. It is very concerning to me that our hold system cursed at you as it should never do that! What specifically did it say?


          As for your original issue, you said that your email may be associated with a postpaid account, did you recently convert your account to a prepaid account? Are you having issues accessing your my.t-mobile.com account?

          • tmo_amanda

            Re: Mistreated

            Hey there, turtol42!


            I wanted to swing by to see if you've been able to get this handled. It sounds like we may have accidentally transferred you to an incorrect number and I'm truly sorry about that. We want to make sure your issue with the email address and postpaid to prepaid switch gets handled. If you're able to provide us with more info on the situation, we'll do our best to get you answers.

              • turtol42

                Re: Mistreated

                I did get it handled. I posted to all social media. And as for the accidental transfer. I doubt that due to the nature of the songs. It was done With intent. I have worked for Verizon in there call center and by far t-mobile has the worst customer support. The way I resolved the issue is I am now an ATT customer. I will never recommend t-mobile to anyone again. I had your company for almost 12 years, I will gladly let everyone know Every time it comes up.