Issues Unresolved After 2 Months


    T-mobile folks, what is the status of the issues with your website? I have not been able to view my bill, account usage, or plan details for months. This is completely unacceptable for a major national wireless carrier. I'm not a prepaid customer, and I'm not having browser issues. This is on all browsers, cleared cookies/cache, etc. Why would anyone pay for a service when they can't even check their account details?


    Blank screen under billing...

    Blank screen under usage...

    error screen under plan...

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      • magenta6635649

        I have the exact same problem.  I have both a tablet plan and a pay as you go cell phone plan and the site has been down for months.  I constantly says to try again later.  I called T Mobile about a month ago and they said they were having problems with the web site.  But FOR 2 MONTHS?  SERIOUSLY?  One of the 4 major phone carriers and they can't get someone who knows how to fix this problem?  Absolutely outrageous and unacceptable. The CEO should be fired for this horrific customer support.

        • magenta7006952

          T-mobile website has been horrible for years and now does not even work. I am switching.

          • tmo_chris

            Hey folks! I am so sorry you all have been having issues with your online accounts. We have been seeing some issues with the site but the errors that you all have been posting are not something that we are already working on. If these issue persist on multiple browsers, we are going to need to speak with you individually to have our web support folks look into this. Please call us when you have a moment.

              • magenta6635649

                I just called technical support and they told me they ARE AWARE of this problem and their technical team is working on it but no idea when or if it will be resolved.  He said it has been affecting pre-paid customers and perhaps others as well.  In fact, I can't even use the T-Mobile Android app to access my account because everything is blank and no data is being populated.  So both the web site and the app are unavailable to customers.  This is truly ridiculous for a major carrier and is poor customer service.  This problem may never be fixed. The only work around is that I was sent a list of hash tag codes for some of account features. 

                  • dc5fan

                    I have the Pay As You Go $3 a month plan. A couple of days ago I updated the my T-Mobile app to version . I tried the app just a couple of months ago. I logged in and VOILA! I'm in like Flint. It seems to load up faster, and going through the different pages it is quite quick. So in the past day or two something has happened. I'm not countinting  my chickens yet. I would first uninstall the app, then go to the Google Play Store, and download/reinstall the app.

                • tjd007

                  Re: Issues Unresolved After 2 Months

                  After talking with a bunch of different people on their customer support lines, someone found the issue, or at least something that fixed the problem for me. None of the numbers associated with the account were listed as the "primary account holder", which meant that neither of us (two lines) could see any of the account details, even though we could log in. Since I have previously logged in and managed my account, I can only assume there was a patch at some point that removed "primary account holder" status from both of my line numbers.


                  I suggest others call and see if they can check on that, and if it resolves the issue.

                  • magenta5285210

                    I'm running into this problem too. I need to upgrade my prepaid data plan because my iPhone decided to eat 4 GB of data in one day, and I'm now throttled. Unfortunately, the quickest workaround is to leave T-Mobile and head to a different provider.