I was told I could add another line but now I can't!


    My mother-in-law is moving in with us. I thought it would be good to add her to out TMobile plan. Last week I messaged TMobile and asked if I could add a sixth line and was told it would be no problem. I went out and bought her a new phone and Sim card. Just got both today and called to activate the line. We went through the whole thing including giving my credit card information. Then out of nowhere the agent tells me that I can not in fact add another line. The agent was supper nice and made a few calls but ultimately was told I was maxed out in lines. This is why I asked in advance. I know I'm grandfathered into an older plan but once again, I asked before I bought a new phone and Sim card for her. I spent $80 for no reason. I'm really upset since clearly the agent did not bother to really check before telling me I could add the line! Is there anyone I can call to get the line added since it's clearly T-Mobiles fault?

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey there, mocker82!


        Gosh, I'm sorry we didn't truly do our homework on your account before we gave you the green light to add another line. There is a limitation on how many voice lines and how many mobile internet lines can be added to your account. It sounds like we don't have the option to add one more to your account or we definitely would. You're welcome to have someone take another look at your account to see what else can be done. I recommend working with T-Force over Facebook or Twitter.