How to start a dialogue about personal info when account is BLOCKED?


    My wife and I started our T-mobile service in April of this year. We dropped over $1,500 in-store on starting this plan and when there was a slight issue with Auto-Pay the following month, T-mobile immediately cut off all service and blacklisted our phones, making it impossible for us to contact any representatives online (the phone service is a hell-scape that is impossible to navigate, and very hard without a working phone!). We have gone to multiple different stores, spent hours on the phone with different departments, and there has been no help, no simplicity, and a lot of shadiness. We need to get this fixed, and I cannot message anyone directly on here without a current T-mobile phone number, so if a representative would please help me out, it would be greatly appreciated.

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      • magentatechie

        Unfortunately, no one here is able to access your account as this is a public forum.  Has your account been officially cancelled?  If so, your only bet is to reach out to care via the phone as they will be able to verify the account and provide information about it, provided you are able to recall your PIN/Passcode.  Chat and T-Force support requires you to log in to in order to verify and if the account is cancelled, it's no longer an option.