Can’t order


    When ordering accessories, the identity verification screen is broken.

    it has both first and last name in the last name field. It has a red box for the first name and both boxes can not be changed.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: Can’t order

        Wow, thanks for making us aware of this, magenta6960090! I have a few quick question to try to figure out why this is happening and pass this info along to our Engineers:


        • Were you logged into your My T-Mobile account when attempting to order accessories?
        • What browser were you using?
        • Were you able to successfully place your order yet?
        • magenta6960090

          Re: Can’t order

          I was logged into my account.

          i use Safari on my IPad. Latest version.

          i had to call in to order.



            • tmo_amanda

              Re: Can’t order

              Thank you for the specifics, magenta6960090! Yours is the second post that I've seen in the past two weeks where there has been difficulty ordering accessories online. I'm happy to read that you were able to get your order placed over the phone and I will pass this scenario along to my web team so they're aware of what's going on.