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    I can receive calls and text while abroad.

    I get a T-mobile text informing me I have unlimited text and $0.25/min calls. I cannot make any outgoing calls or text.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: international service

        Well that is no good at all! Can you try dialing #RON# on your phone and tell me what your phone says? Are you seeing that your phone is connected to the local carrier there?

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        • tmo_amanda

          Re: international service

          Hey, magenta3690610!


          I just wanted to swing by to see if you were able to get outgoing calls and texts working. If not, did you dialing #RON# as Chris previously recommended? If you're still having issues, please try doing a manual network selection. We're happy to provide steps to do so but need to know what type of phone you're using.

            • magenta3690610

              Re: international service

              was not able to make it work, either on mobile or WiFi calling. I know for a fact I was connected to Cellcom (Israel), and data service on mobile was working.

              Somebody on the forum mentioned it may be due to my account having international calling blocked. I guess this is possible, I just don't know why this will bar me from calling or texting a US  number while roaming.


              I am back in the US now. Mostly I go around this by using external applications like WhatsApp and Hangouts. It's just inconvenient when I get a text and have to reply on another app.