T-Mobile BOGO Offer is Fake. I am totally Exhausted and Stressful dealing with it.


    I am really upset that I was lied to. I left AT&T for t mobile because t mobile said if I switched they would pay the balance of the phones from AT&T. They also said that they had the BOGO deal. Which consist of purchasing 1 samsung or iphone and turning in 1 device.

            I made many calls to customer service people to know clearly about the plan and they told I need to exchange and old phone add a line and I did everything I was told to do. I went to store and bought the phone they said for one mobile I need to completely pay the amount and another one should be with the installment until I get my rebate card. I was told that I am going to get my rebate it will take time as they were many requests like these. They took my address so that they can send to that address.

             I was carried away with work and was expecting the card to come in. But I didn’t got it. Today when I make a call the customer representative said its because u paid complete amount for one phone you are not qualified for the offer. I did what t-mobile store wanted me to do. Why would I pay the full amount. They said supervisor is busy and they would call me back. I didn’t get the call whole day. I made another call today and they asked for information again and connected me to supervisor.

             Now the supervisor was telling me that I didn’t port in my no so I am not qualified for promotion. I shifted from AT&T and added another line. So what else I need to do. She was mentioning that my account is not qualified from the beginning itself for offer. If that is the case why would they take my old mobile for exchange and make me pay for another one. The answer I got was that many people do trade mobiles everyday so that means it’s not considered as BOGO offer. She also mentioned that wasn’t mistake from her team so that she can honor. But the help or information I got was only from T-Mobile people right. How is the company not responsible for the mistakes or false information the representative gives to customers. When I mentioned this point she said I made a notes so we will train our employees. How is that going to solve my problem and stress that I have been going through?

             Not the case. I was lied to. I am not the only one going through this so I know I'm not crazy. The thing is that T mobile doesn't want to honor what I was told in the store which is very frustrating to the point that I may file a complaint with the BBB if t mobile doesn' honor BOGO.

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      • tmo_chris

        Hey gauti03 


        Thanks for taking the time to post to our community. I am so sorry that your post had to be about such a poor experience We want to make switching to us an seamless and enjoyable experience, not one that make you frustrated! I know that our carrier freedom promotion as well as the bogos we offer play a huge factor in a person's decision to upgrade or switch to us and we want to make sure that you receive the promotions that you qualify for.


        The carrier freedom promotion by itself requires that you port in your number, trade in your phone that you are still paying off and purchase a new one from us. The way we reimburse this promotion is by first giving you your trade in value for the phone that you are trading in and applying it to the account or to your new phone purchase. This is the first part of your reimbursement. If the trade in value was less than what you still owed to your previous carrier, we will send you a prepaid MasterCard with the remaining amount that you owe your previous carrier. Between the trade-in credit and the prepaid MC, the value will total the amount you owe your previous carrier up to $650.


        With our bogo promotions, if they require a trade in, that trade in device must be fully paid off. If that device is the same device that you still owe money on with your previous carrier and you pay it off, there is nothing left for us to reimburse you for as part of the carrier freedom promotion. Because of this, typically our BOGO and carrier freedom promotions do not stack as we are either reimbursing you for a phone you still owe money on, or we are accepting the device as a trade in for a BOGO that has to be fully paid off.


        I sincerely apologize for any frustrations you have had to endure Here on a public user forum, we are unable to see user accounts so I cannot see exactly what happened with your account but based on what you posted, I have a feeling that you may have been under the impression that you could receive both promotions which is unfortunately not possible.

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