Moto Z2 - Text Error SIM1


    Hello!  I have seen some other comments on this issue.  Called T-Mobile twice.  First time, they sent a new SIM card and the 2nd time they replaced the phone and the SIM card.  I still can't send and receive texts reliably, especially if I am in a group discussion.  I'm on the T-Mobile nextwork, it is a pretty new phone, and I have never had this issue before with my Samsung Galaxy or iPhone. Texting is essential so any help would be great. I am going to try the 2G option.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: Moto Z2 - Text Error SIM1

        Hey, magenta6974071!


        Welcome to our Support Community!  I've searched high and low to find you an answer on why this is happening and came up with nothing. Does this error pop-up randomly or when you're trying to text? Also, is this generally in the same area or does location not play a part in this? Does this happen when you're connected to WiFi as well or only the T-Mobile network? I'd like to see if I can narrow down the root cause and go from there.

        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Moto Z2 - Text Error SIM1

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          Is this still an issue? We know it's important to be able to text and we'd like to help. Have you tested the new SIM in another phone to see if it works?

          • magenta7597842

            Re: Moto Z2 - Text Error SIM1

            Why is this being marked resolved? Same concern in a sept post. I have the same phone and same issue. I am on month 13 of the phone. I am on the 3rd phone in this timeframe. 2 weeks ago the store put in a new SIM card. Still same issue. Location doesn't matter. The common denominator is the phone. This should not be marked resolved until the issue is truly resolved. I love TMobile's Customer service in general...the customer service and the price is why I am willing to work with the not as good coverage in places like the middle of my own town and my own driveway. But texting is a daily communication form. It's how I connect with my adult children and my family across the country. This is a daily frustration, inconvenience, affects the accuracy of some threads. Now I am concerned I may miss an important text regarding family medical issues. It should not still be an issue left unaddressed after 13+ months

            • windowsguy

              Re: Moto Z2 - Text Error SIM1

              Interesting.  I have a Moto Z2 and exactly the same product.  Sometimes it will work after a reboot - other times after waiting hours it will go.

              • metropcsuser

                Re: Moto Z2 - Text Error SIM1

                I am having this same issue. My text messages will be working fine then randomly will stop. Sometimes i get a notification saying data services not available, but not always. Rebooting phone doesn't help but sometimes turning on airplane mode and turning it back on does. I have the Moto z2 Force and I would like to know where is the solution???