I can't unlock my phone and I can't contact T-mobile because I'm abroad - HELP!


    Hi T-mobile community!

    You're basically my last hope at this point..

    I'm from Germany but I'm frequently travelling to the U.S. and last time I have been there (end of September) I got a t-mobile prepaid plan again. I signed up for the same deal I had some months before, putting over 100 dollars in the prepaid account and getting a phone with the prepaid plan which would (according to the salesperson at t-mobile) unlock after 60 days. I did the exact same purchase a few months earlier with a samsung and it worked just fine, I clicked on the unlock app and voila, I could put a German SIM card into the phone. This time I got a LG Aristo and now (being back in Germany), after 63 days it still won't unlock. It says "unlock failed: this mobile device is not eligible for unlock...". Usually, I would just contact t-mobile now but here's the second problem:

    1. I can't access my account. After putting in my correct security answer it says "You are not authorized to access this account.". While in the U.S. wanting to book an additional service I had the same issue and just called t-mobile support and they booked the plan for me.. BUT
    2. I can't call t-mobile from my phone. Although it says I have service here in Germany, when I try to call the international support hotline it says "only emergency calls".

    3. Neither can I find I find an e-mail address I could write to for help.

    4. Obviously I can't just go into a t-mobile shop as the German t-mobile is not the same as US t-mobile.


    So HELP, you're my last hope that I'll finally be able to use the phone. I am very desperate and frustrated at this point.
    I'd love to talk directly to t-mobile staff, then I can give you my phone number, security digit.. I could even send you the receipt for the purchase - just how do I get in contact without being able to call or access my account??


    Thank you!!!

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