iPad Speeds on One plan


    New customer account here with 3 lines on the One plan.  I had previously tested coverage and speed with a pre-paid T-Mobile traveler SIM in my iPad.   All worked great (coverage for me is even better than with AT&T) including snappy web page loading and in-app data intensive activity.   2 new iPhones work awesome and have 20+ Mb/s speeds confirmed by OpenSignal. 


    iPad is dog slow though (it wasn't on pre-paid SIM).   OpenSignal says ~ 0.5 Mb/s next to iPhone with 20+ Mb/s.   Other threads seem to say tablet needs One Plus to work correctly.  


    Is One Plus still "the answer" ?  I totally understand the tethering throttling...not quite as understanding why using the iPad is treated completely differently than the same apps on iPhone. 

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: iPad Speeds on One plan

        The speeds you are getting on the Tablet T-Mobile One plan are normal (Unlimited 3G Smartphone Mobile Hotspot (up to 512 kbps). When you were on a prepaid plan, you more than likely had an allotment of high-speed and once that high-speed ran out, you would be limited to 3G speeds.


        If you want, you can add the One Plus feature ($20) for the tablet and get unlimited high-speed data on the tablet. 

          • eudaman

            Re: iPad Speeds on One plan

            I'm on one plus plan and my iPad pro hotspot is also slow as mollases compared to my Samsung s9. Same thing with my Note 8.... Slow as can be.  For some reason only the s9 is working as it should for hotspot.  All devices are on the OnePlus plan.