Refill amount and its available/expiration time


    Is there specifics on the different refill amount and its available time? I have been adding money every 3 months by using the $40 refill card, and each time it would indicate that all my stored balance should be used up 3 months later, and the cycle continues every time I refill. However, my problem is that my stored balance is more than what I can use, so I would like decrease the amount that I am refilling each time to slow the acclamation and give time for me to use up some of the balance. My main goal is to keep my stored balance (available fund) active.


    I have discussed online with different representatives over a half year ago and just recently. Both gave me slightly different answers. According to the newest answer, refilling $10 each time would keep my balance for another 3 months (90 days). Has anyone have this experience? Does $10 refill activate fund for another 90 days? If so, does using refill card vs. refilling online matter?


    Getting a little frustrated, especially after trying to seek an answer for so long, and that I have been refilling $40 for longer than need (possibly). Appreciate any help or comment. Thanks.

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