Why can't I get into my tmobile account?


    I won the Galaxy Note 9 from Samsung after a Twitter contest was held. I received it on Thanksgiving and moved my SIM card from my S9 to my new Note 9. The next day I realized I wasn't receiving 4G at all anymore, strictly LTE+. That never happened on my S9, that's when I realized the Note 9 I won was from Samsung- no carrier, maybe considered an "unlocked" phone then? I don't know.


    I tried to get into my Tmobile account as I have an extra, unused SIM card that I was hoping to activate online in hopes that it would maybe trigger a better signal or something so I wouldn't only be stuck with LTE coverage on this new phone.. except I couldn't login. Everytime I tried it would say "We’ve temporarily locked your account to protect your information. Please call Customer Care at 1-800-937-8997 or wait 24 hours to regain account access."


    I waited 24 hours to regain access, and the message still came up. I figured, okay, maybe I had the hours wrong.. I'll let it go for the weekend while I visit my boyfriend. Today, 4 days later, I tried again.. and the same message still appears. Why does it even say "temporarily" locked or that I can try to regain access 24 hours later if it doesn't go away after an entire week.. I wouldn't call that a temporary lock


    I've tried calling the number provided and it just keeps me on hold listening to I've had the time of my life on repeat over and over and over again. I've had enough! I just want into my account! I've waited the 24 hours for an entire week, I've made the calls to no avail, I'm not the primary account holder as my aunt lives in Oklahoma and I'm in NJ and she never answers her phone, I can't use the chat option on the website because it requires me to login BUT I CANT BECAUSE IM LOCKED OUT EVEN THOUGH ITS SUPPOSED TO BE TEMPORARY? Why am I even locked out!? I never go into my account and the rare time I do I can't, amazing.

    ALSO: If anyone has any other tips on how to get 4G back or if it's even possible, please let me know. How come on my t-mobile S9 I had perfect signal everywhere I went but now with this Note9 that is carrier-less, my highest signal is LTE+ no matter where I go?!

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Why can't I get into my tmobile account?

        Hey shannonvivian 


        Thanks or taking the time to post to our community! I am sorry to hear that you are locked out of your account The only way that we can get you back in there is if you call us and you will need to be an authorized user for us to unlock the account. This means that you would need to get a hold of your aunt and either have her request that the account unlocked or have her add you to the account as an authorized user so that you could call in and do it yourself.


        As for the LTE, your phone is going to connect to whatever signal is the strongest in your area. It is possible that your phone is a non T-Mobile branded phone and will display something other than 4G even though that is what it is connected to. If you could provide me with your ZIP code, I can tell you exactly what type of signal you are connected to.

          • tamer33432

            Re: Why can't I get into my tmobile account?

            Pls read my mail once more...

            I’m not logged out. The problem is with your web site!!!!


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            • shannonvivian

              Re: Why can't I get into my tmobile account?

              Thank you Chris. May I ask why the site even bothers to mention the allowance of retrying in 24 hours then, though? I'll try to get in touch my aunt. I didnt know it could show as LTE when its 4g on non tmobile phones but I guess that's good to know! I'm pretty sure I have 4g in this area as before I started using my Note 9, I had my S9 that was from tmobile and gave me 4g here that's how I realized theres a difference. My zip is 12771

                • tmo_chris

                  Re: Why can't I get into my tmobile account?

                  shannonvivian - I just took a look at the area and we have some pretty strong LTE coverage there on the 700 and 1900 spectrum which your phone is totally capable of using Your phone saying LTE is fine. As for the try again in 24 hours, I think what has happened her is that there is a permanent lock and a temporary lock and your account is like fully locked but you are still seeing the 24 hour message. I do apologize for the confusion but I will be sure to get this feedback up to the web teams. 


                  tamer33432 - I think there may be some confusion here. This is a public community forum and this is the first time I am seeing you post to this thread. Can you elaborate a bit more on your situation?

              • tjd007

                Re: Why can't I get into my tmobile account?

                Shannon, different phones have different ways that they denote 4G or LTE, but they are both the same thing, unless you're on AT&T, where some of their phones will say 4G, when it's not actually LTE, but an enhanced form of UMTS. So you're new phone is on 4G when it says LTE.

                • bbs5ekata

                  EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. I try to pay my bill they lock me out of my account. !st time it was because they didn't recognize my password.. so I had to reset it to a new one which started a now two year cycle of resetting passwords every month because you can't reuse old ones; there have been so many I can never know what the dang pw is now! This is the ONLY business that I have this issue with; everyone else including the incredibly obtuse AT&T let's you reset to a familiar pw. I truly think their system forgets my pw, not me. No other site shows this glitch. AND they never recognize my security question answers even though they are correct. It's bizarre.