Wrong data plan listed in iPad Cellular settings


    I‘m grandfathered on the “200 MB/30 day Free Data for Life” data plan which i set up on my iPad Air 2 four years ago.   My iPad is currently running iOS 12.1.  Up until recently if I went to the iOS Settings -> Cellular screen it woild show that I was on the FDFL plan and show how many MB I have left.   Now it says I’m on a “T-Mobile - No Annual Contract Mobile Internet” plan with 0 bytes left which expires in 73 days.   If I tap Manage T-Mobile Account and log in I can see the correct plan and how much data and days I have left, but it no longer shows that in the Cellular settings.  See screenshots.  I’ve tried rebooting and hard resetting my iPad, but that makes no difference.


    As far as I can tell the plan is still active as I can use mobile data and the data left change when I log into https://mim.t-mobile.com/primary/openPage .  It’s just not displaying the correct plan on the ipad itself.


    Any idea how to get this working? 




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