Galaxy S6 gallery photo album problem


    I created a gallery album with 14 photos in it.  When I created text and attached one photo, the gallery album shows only 8 photos and 4 are missing. Can not  slide to the right,left,up or down, the photo screen is occupied with many icons.How to get all 14 photos appear when selecting photo to attach to the text message.If i view the photo in the gallery not in texting mode all 14 photos are there but in texting mode only 8 appeared. what is the problem here. Need help, thanks.

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      • snn555

        Re: Galaxy S6 gallery photo album problem

        I'm not quite familiar with Samsung's photo gallery or messaging app and its limitations of how many photos it can attach to a text and how it arranges which photos you see in what order to select to attach to a text.


        However I do know that like LG has a 3 photo limit per message and compresses the heck out of the photos and videos.


        Using Android messages now known as messages one can attach more photos within a larger limit and that app is available for all Androids as well as the Google photos app. I might try one or both of those to rule out any issue with the phone itself and if you are able to find all the photos in Google photos and you are able to send all the photos with Android messages then there may be an issue with the Samsung messaging and gallery apps.


        of course you could try clearing the cache or clearing the data of both the Samsung messaging app and the gallery app first. if that does not work you might perhaps either have bad formatting on the photos and if they are stored to an external card that card maybe partially corrupt.

        • magenta4355232

          Can you give me a site to follow ( like youtube ) to clear the cache. No idea on how to start with. Thanks.

          • magenta4355232

            Follow up answer that I deleted the memory cache but when i tried to send text message and attach one photo, the album show 8 photos only not 14 photos the same as before clearing the cache. The problem here is that I can not send the other 4 photos one by one because it does not appear in the album of photos. At different screen when i viewed the photo on gallery the 14 photos are there, any thought.

            • magenta4355232

              Waiting for answer.

              • magenta4355232

                Thanks for the response. I solved the problem by storing the photos to external storage Microsoft one drive and from there I can attach photo on  my S6  texting one at a time.

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